My Philosophy:

Vestige (noun): a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something.
: a footprint.

When the camera's shutter releases and records a moment, it has chronicled a piece of the immediate past which will never again exist in the same way. The photograph has captured a footprint in time. Photography is extraordinary in its ability to record history, emotions, and every day pieces of the lives of people and nature.

My appreciation for the "vestige images" I capture and my desire to grasp and preserve these moments is the impetus behind my passion. I don't merely take pictures, I engage with the intricacies and wonders of life.

About me:

I bought my Nikon D300 a few years back and then started working on a Master's Degree...bad timing...I spent all of my "free" time studying.

I couldn't wait to finish my degree because I wanted so badly to be doing photography, and that's what I did the minute I finished!

I started taking classes here which has been an extraordinary experience.

Now my free time is spent shooting and processing. If you visit my galleries you will see that I have landscapes, fine arts, and "What in the world is that?" That last category (actually called PhotoArt) is crazy fun for me. I adhere to no photographic or artistic rules; I just let go and work until I am satisfied...and the sense of satisfaction is enormous.


In June 2010, I developed daily chronic headaches with unremitting pain. There is no cure or medication to stop these headaches. The result of the disabling pain has been giving up my job/career and taking a hiatus on photography. God willing, I may be able to get out occasionally and shoot.

Thank you for stopping by.