© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 11893670: Old Ford Editor's Picks and Contest Finalists        slide show (72)
All images in this category have been chosen as Editor's Picks, and several have gone on to become contest finalists. If you browse the images individually (without the slideshow) you will see a label with the status of the photograph underneath of it.

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 11784289: Rose in Watercolor Editor's Picks and Finalists in FINE ART        slide show (14)

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 12869168: The Journey The Outside World        slide show (108)
Landscapes, flowers, wildlife, insects...

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 11776725: Cumnor Store Photo Art: Creations        slide show (76)
This collection contains images that were created with no respect for established photographic or artistic rules. I designed these images based on creative instinct alone. They are true to me, and it is crazy fun working on them and exceptionally fulfilling to revel in the their completion.

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 11484005: Classical Fine Art        slide show (35)
The pieces in this category have been defined as fine art. One of my instructors, Jim Zuckerman said, "To me, something qualifies as fine art when it is beautiful enough that people would like to live with it i.e., have it framed for their home or office so it can be admired. Fine art is something worthy of selling in a gallery."

I am proud to have work that fits this category, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 11481775: Beachy Artists's Favorites        slide show (52)
This category contains my personal favorites.

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 12509936: The Shed Virginia        slide show (70)
These images portray the beauty and wonder in our home towns and counties here in Virginia.

© Lydia  Lee PhotoID# 12635417: Gift Certificate Gift Certificates        slide show (2)
Purchase a gift certificate from Vestige Images, and the recipient will be able to choose a piece from the gallery that captures his/her own heart!

Note: Artistic pieces from my Fine Art gallery must be printed on specialized, top grade, museum quality paper/canvas. Therefore, the price for these pieces will be necessarily higher than those in my other galleries. The materials for printing these pieces most often have to be special ordered, so there will be a week or so extra time needed to complete your order.

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